How PSYCH-K® found me

What brings you here?

Reaching out to a local naturopathic doctor to help me with my children’s grief is what led me to    PSYCH-K®, back in 2011.  My daughter wasn’t sleeping and was having difficulty coping with worry following the loss of my partner of 20 years.  My 3 year old son was having difficulty regulating his emotions, unable to recognize or understand how to process the loss of his beloved parent.  After a few appointments, my children were sleeping again and overall were much happier and calmer than they had been in some time.  As a parent, this was golden.  As a grieving parent, this was priceless.  I knew that I wanted more.  

Months later, in 2012 I returned to work through my own grief with this same facilitator.  She supported me in identifying the beliefs within my subconscious that were keeping me stuck in my sadness and preventing me from moving forward and being strong again.  Soon, as each layer was peeled back and new, healthy and positive beliefs created, we also uncovered some of those older barriers related to childhood trauma.  Within a few sessions, the burdens of trauma and grief were lifted and a new path of happiness and wholeness was made possible for me again.  

Since this work, I have fallen in love again and have created a new blended family,  embracing 2 more incredible children and a new loving partnership with my husband, Victor. I know that the gift of  PSYCH-K® opened the door for me to this new and beautiful life.  I feel so blessed.     

My Background

I have always been drawn to helping others.  My teens and twenties were filled with years of coaching children and youth, volunteering and working with individuals with special needs, working at a cardiac rehabilitation center with patients, working night shifts at a women’s shelter  and working in a home health care pharmacy.  I was always seeking to learn and understand more about the human body, the significance and role of a positive attitude and health and how to promote and support optimal healthy living.  My undergraduate degree was in kinesiology where I had the fortune to study human anatomy, physiology, body mechanics, psychology and gerontology.  

My love of working with children led me to the public education system where I began first as an educational assistant, helping children with special learning and behavioral needs.  From there, the fire to teach was sparked and my career began.   I have had the joy of teaching children from Kindergarten to Grade 8, in addition to being a special education teacher prior to heading into administration.  Currently, as an elementary school principal I go to work each day feeling blessed and privileged to support the staff, children and families in my community.